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Learn about and taste the wines of Greece with Anita Bender

Greece boasts the oldest wine-making tradition in all of Europe – it was from Greece that wine spread to Rome and from there to all the lands the Romans would conquer. Yet despite this illustrious history, Greek wine is relegated to obscure corners, rarely receiving the acclaim and adulation bestowed upon its Italian, French, and Spanish counterparts. While grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio soared to international attention, Xinomavro and Assyrtiko have remained frustratingly obscure.

In this class Anita Bender will guide you through the mysteries of Greek wine, exploring various grapes, regions, and styles, embodied in some of the best bottles we can lay our hands on. From crisp whites influenced by ocean breezes to sun dappled reds of enormous depth, expect wines to surprise and delight you. Learn about how this once great power of wine is rising again in the wine world, and experience just why so many people are extolling the virtues of Greek wine.

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Must be 21+ to attend

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