What Greeks eat for Breakfast | Super Easy Greek Food Vocabulary Lesson

What Greeks eat for Breakfast | Super Easy Greek Food Vocabulary Lesson
Welcome to my balcony today to talk about a real greek breakfast! I’m sure you ‘ve had a greek breakfast once in a greek hotel . Do you remember it?

It had fresh greek products, like milk, yogurt, fresh orange juices, ‘’bougatsa’’, ‘’tiropita’’ , ‘’spanakopita’’ , honey, marmalade and other things like eggs , butter, bacon , cakes, croissant, cheese, sausages, pizza etc.

Do you think that Greeks would eat all of these things in their real life?
Do you think that they would even eat ‘’bougatsa’’, ‘’tiropita’’ or ‘’spanakopita’’?

Mmm! I don’t think so, to be honest!

Also there is a rumour that Greeks don’t eat breakfast. They smoke cigarettes and they drink coffee!!! Of course they drink coffee (except for me ). Probably ”frappe” or greek coffee or now Greeks love drinking freddo espresso and freddo cappuccino

In my table today you’ll find some real products Greeks would eat for breakfast.
Like milk with cereal, fresh bread with butter and honey or marmalade, fresh oranges and of course ‘’koulouri’’ of Thessaloniki (my beautiful city).
Ok, ok! Sometimes we like to have ‘’bougatsa’’, ‘’tiropita’’ or ‘’spanakopita’’ for breakfast but only if our mother made it or we bought it from a local bakery shop!! Yummy , right??

In In this lesson I speak very clearly, with a good speed and repeated words!! It’s appropriate for any language level.

Have you ever tried a greek breakfast? What breakfast do you usually eat? What’s the traditional breakfast in your country?

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