VIDEO: 3rd Greek National Opera Online Festival Presents THE MUSIC OF LANGUAGE: GNOOD MORNING

A light-entertainment TV show comes to shake up the morning zone and keep you company with original segments that will both inform and entertain you. Cooking, games with many prizes, astrology, but also unexpected interviews with famous and beloved figures, promise to accompany you and take you on a short journey away from the problems and concerns of everyday life.

Music, of course, could not be absent from such a journey; a faithful road companion through the memories of a sweet (but also playful!) past and the hopes for a better future. But, for the time being, stay tuned and share the joy, the fun, and the liveliness of the creative team and our guests that only GNOod morning offers!

Based on an idea of mezzo-soprano Margarita Syngeniotou and texts by stand-up comedian and librettist Dimitris Dimopoulos, GNOod morning draws inspiration from the exaggeration in the presentation of TV morning shows and the exuberance of the operatic stage, and create a hybrid of language and music that reintroduces already existing music theatre works in a new comic context.

Concept -Dramaturgy: Margarita Syngeniotou, Dimitris Dimopoulos

Texts: Dimitris Dimopoulos

Director: Michalis Asthenidis

Piano: Nicholas Vassiliou

Host, Scientific collaborator: Dimitris Dimopoulos

Chef, Astrologer, Journalist, Grande Dame of the Stage: Margarita Syngeniotou

Telephone intervention: Dimitris Paksoglou

More info here:…/item/3567-gnood-morning

This programme is part of the 3rd Greek National Opera Online Festival, “The Music of Language” curated by Giorgos Koumendakis and features five unique short stories.

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