Val Marchiori marries businessman in Greece and reveals desire to have children: ‘Two years from now’

After three years of engagement, socialite and businesswoman Val Marchiori, 47, and businessman Thiago Castilho, 40, made their union official and were married in a ceremony at a hotel in Santorini, Greece.

The event took place last Friday, the 9th, and was the first of the new celebrations planned by the couple in nine different countries.

The socialite came in with her two children, Eike and Victor Ulinski, the result of her first marriage to businessman Evaldo Ulinski.

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Val Marchiori and Thiago Castilho get married in Greece
Val Marchiori and Thiago Castilho get married in Greece Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The event was restricted to those closest to the couple and had few guests. Despite this, the second of the nine celebrations will be bigger, since it should take place in Brazil.

In an interview with “Ego Brazil”, Val gave details of the celebrations: “The second one, I want to do it in Brazil, in Monte Verde (MG). It will be a bigger ceremony in my condominium, for family and friends. vows, because I love to party. One in each country! We choose each other, so we have to celebrate the love between us always. And that’s it, let’s be happy, because what we take from life are the moments we live !”.

The dress of the socialite was signed by the stylist Lucas Anderi, and designed almost with six hands. From the beginning, Val already knew what the model would look like. Thiago, who until then was her fiancé, came to throb in the outfit, but preferred not to see the result so as not to spoil the surprise. And what a surprise!

Val Marchiori
Val Marchiori Photo: Playback/Kapetanakis Studios

In addition to being married, Val and Thiago are partners and intend to have a child together in the future. “I’m crazy about having a girl, it could be a boy too, but I want to plan for two years from now. Now, we’re in a phase of undertaking and traveling. But we want to have a child together, yes,” said Val. “We will have it!”, said Thiago, who also has a son from another relationship.

Val Marchiori, Thiago Castilho and their children
Val Marchiori, Thiago Castilho and their children Photo: Reproduction/Kapetanakis Studios
Val Marchiori and Thiago Castilho
Val Marchiori and Thiago Castilho Photo: Reproduction/Kapetanakis Studios
Thiago Castilho and Val Marchiori
Thiago Castilho and Val Marchiori Photo: Reproduction/Kapetanakis Studios

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