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ANN ARBOR, MI – The University of Michigan (U-M) Modern Greek Program shared its latest news on social media. Despina Margomenou posted on Facebook about Conversations on Culture 2020-2021, part of the ongoing collaboration between the U-M Modern Greek Program and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) Center for Foreign Language Teaching.

Margomenou writes in the post, “Once again this year, the U-M Modern Greek Program collaborates with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Center for Foreign Language Teaching) in peer teaching, cultural exchanges between U-M students learning Modern Greek and AUTH students in the English language program in a virtual project we call ‘Conversations on Culture.’” 

She continued, “The pandemic, # BLM, Me Too, police violence, democracy, but also friendship, family, career hopes and aspirations as well as music, Netflix, and social media were among the wide range of topics the participating students explored in comparative ways this semester, exchanging ideas, viewpoints, and all kinds of cultural products (music clips, videos, photographs, etc.).

Margomenou noted that “this is the 8th year of this very successful program which brings together students from our two universities using only virtual/online platforms and videoconferencing. 

“We want to thank Dr. Anna Maria Hatzitheodorou (AUTH Center for Foreign Language Teaching), Philomena Meechan (U-M Language Resource Center) and all the wonderful students who participate.” 

Margomenou concluded, “AUTH students are volunteers and this year we have a record number of Greek students who wanted to participate. We thank all our brilliant language learners for the energy and new ideas they bring into these exchanges. We learn from you every single day!”

More information about the program is available on Facebook, search: University of Michigan, Modern Greek Program.

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