Turkey’s Ridiculous Military Eurovision-style Rap Song (VIDEO)

Greece faces threats of war and invasion from Turkey on a daily basis, but the only thing “missing” was, apparently, a video-clip from the country’s Ministry of National Defence which shows explosions, soldiers and fighter jets.

In this achievement of ridiculousness and unrestrained nationalism, we see the Turkish army “defeating every enemy”. The blockbuster does not lack the crowns of Ottomanism, which are combined with fake explosions and feats of things that only Rambo and Top Gun pilots could do.

The whole project is accompanied by the sounds of a Turkish anthem arranged as a rap song. And it is even sung by all involved, soldiers, sailors and even pilots who… rap inside the cockpit of the F-16.

The whole aesthetic approach, as well as the tone, reminds us how short the distance is from the serious to the ridiculous.

The Video:

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