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BENGALURU: After the shutdown of several music venues in the city, this weekend seems to bring some cheer for music lovers in Bengaluru, with a folk and jazz music performance by French band Macha Gharibian. The three-member troupe is led by singer, pianist, songwriter and composer Macha Gharibian, who is of Armenian origin. “Music from my country is a big part of my inspiration,” says Gharibian, adding that her family roots lie in both Armenia and Turkey. “Thanks to my musician father, we have been listening to a lot to Gypsy, Greek, Russian, Ex-Yugoslavian, Romanian and Bulgarian music. My mother was born in Tunisia, giving me very mixed origins. So I sing in Armenian and English.”

Though a trained classical pianist, Gharibian’s musical skills were given a firm shape by Ralph Alessi, a famous jazz trumpeter and composer, who taught the musician at the School for Improvisational Music, New York. Calling her music ‘unclassifiable’, she says, “I try to mix up my experiences and music cultures. Irrespective of borders, I combine elements of oriental jazz with neo-classical and adventurous pop music.”

The artiste received critical acclaim for the album Trans Extended and has a third album slated to release in January.  With a trio that includes drummer Dré Pallemaerts and guitarist David Potaux-Razel, she has scored music for a few French films, besides plays. “We have played in Russia, China, Canada, US, Colombia, Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Switzerland, Afghanistan, etc,” she says.

As part of their India tour, she will perform on two nights in Bengaluru and says the audience can look forward to some contemporary jazz, Armenian music and modern folk from them. The trio will also play at the Goa Jazz India Circuit and Kolkata Jazz Fest. Speaking about her India experience, she says, “Hariprasad Chaurasia is my favourite Indian musician. The spiritual atmosphere of his sounds makes everyone peaceful and he is one of the most well known musicians in Europe, since he was also a teacher there. Everything that came to us from India is about culture, Indian music, food and yoga.”

Macha Gharibian will be hosting her jazz show on November 22 and 23 at Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield.

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