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2020 is already a one-year tornado, so why not recreate the mysterious city of Bon Temps to rejuvenate the creepy, fantasy drama with a ‘True Blood’ reboot on HBO?

true Blood‘, Is one of the most popular dark fantasy dramas in the history of Hbo, Is based on the book “Southern vampire mystery“Written by Charlene Harris. The show is the story of Sookie Stackhouse Anna poquin), A woman with telepathic abilities, who is actually in love with a vampire, who in turn takes her into his supernatural world. Created and produced by Alan Ball, ‘True Blood’ was starring from September 7, 2008 to August 24, 2014 Anna Pequin as Sookie Stackhouse, Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton and Sam Trammel as Sam. However, the creators ended the show after seven seasons, but to note more than one story, ‘Rumors’The reboot of True Blood in 2020 resumed in recent times.

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  • A look at the seven seasons of ‘True Blood’
  • Can the ‘True Blood’ spin-off be expected in 2020?
  • Will ‘True Blood’ Season 8 Cast Origin?

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A look at the seven seasons of ‘True Blood’

Although both ‘True Blood’ and ‘Twilight’ premiered in 2008,’True Blood’ offered much more than shimmering corpses and chirpy vampire romance. The Southern Gothic mystery drama revolving around blood and sex was a leap with its exaggerated imagination and sensuality. The top-tier legacy of ‘True Blood’ paves the way for plays such as playsAmerican Horror Story‘. This was not ‘true blood’. Season 1 drew practical parallels between vampires struggling for equal rights and LGBTQ CommunityReal life struggle for the same. Those “God Hate Fangs” signs all made sense, as California was fighting on Proposition 8 at the time.

‘True blood’ season 8

‘True Blood’ season 1 showcased the hunt for the murderer, seeking to have sex with women. In this regard, Sookie uses her telepathic powers to try to solve crimes. Sadly, she never hears the importance of anything. Season 2 truly dives into Greek mythology, beginning with a menad, which inspires the orgies that inhabit the city. By this time, the show’s “Magic meets sexuality“The source had already lambasted the fans.

Season 3, as popularly agreed, was the show’s high point, both commercially and critically. Vampire king of mississippi, Russell Eddington (played by Denise O’Hare), ‘True Blood’ provided fans with a series of memorable moments. Being a vampire fanatic, fans saw him sneaking into the newsroom, opening the anchor on a live set, only to give an excited anti-human rant. Fans loved what it was making. But, unfortunately, this was the beginning of the show’s downfall. With the exaggeration of superlative tropes with fire demons, witches, fairies, and even vindictive ghosts, it was a complete mess from there.

Can the ‘True Blood’ spin-off be expected in 2020?

A ‘True Blood’ reboot story is no longer rumored. “Tvline”Especially learned that HBO is in the early stages of developing a new version of ‘True Blood’.” Although HBO officials declined to comment, sources are close to the network’s claim Roberto Aguirre-Sakasa and Yami O’Brien will serve as writers and executive producers on the show, Alan Ball continued his role as executive producer alongside Schrüner. Watching the ‘True Blood’ reboot on HBO is a really fun possibility. But, taking into account the misleading and depressing stories of the previous season, would the network be willing to take the risk?

Before the season finale in 2014, ‘True Blood’ programming director, Michael Lombardo explained Edinburgh Television Festival,

“True Blood is nothing short of a defining show for HBO.” Every season we sit with the producers and say tell us what the next year will be like. And if there is no exciting idea, then we keep inquiring. And I think in the case of ‘True Blood’, it felt like we were reaching a point where the story was hitting the wall. And just to stay put because the ratings were going strong, we didn’t tell what we were and what we do.

So, there is going to be one ‘True Blood ‘reboot or’ True Blood ‘spin-off in 2020The We have not been able to find out yet.

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Will ‘True Blood’ Season 8 Cast Origin?

When “Hollywood reporterReturning to “True Blood”, tweeted, the reaction of the original cast to the news was intriguing. Ana Pequin reacts to the ‘True Blood’ reboot in 2020 News

Lead actor Anna Paquin wrote, “Well, this is the first one I’m hearing about“. Actor Dennis O’Hare responded to Anna’s tweet with a simpleme too“. Actor Kathleen York, who played Madeline Kapnek on ‘True Blood’, jumped into the thread, saying that HBO might want to reboot Pookin into ‘True Blood’.Is a major way“. The banquet became interesting when Paquin asked Kapanek to check his direct messages.

but unfortunately, “Variety”Confirmed that none of the original cast members were ready to return for the ‘True Blood’ reboot. When fans responded to Pavin’s response to the news as an expression of anger, the actor clarified , “Not crazy, just answering the question that burned my feed. XO“.” Not Mad “answers Ana Paquin claiming to the fans that she is angry

Certainly cooking, whether it is a ‘True Blood’ reboot, spin-off, or ‘True Blood’ season 8, is yet to be confirmed. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for it to come out with patience! If not Anna Pquin, Who would you like to see as Sookie Stackhouse in the ‘True Blood’ spin-off 2020? Tell us in the comments below!

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