travel to Greece in winter to beat the crowds

Acropolis now: travel to Greece in winter to beat the crowds

It’s July in Athens, and I’m quite certain the whole of Europe has decided to join me on a visit to the Acropolis. Movement towards the hilltop Parthenon is painfully slow; the snaking queues, relentless sun and lack of shade all rub some of the lustre off what should be one of the most magical experiences in Greece. I thought arriving at 9am would spare me the heat of this summer’s day, but I’ve barely reached the top and am already in need of a shower and a change of clothes.

The ancient Acropolis citadel, the most important of its kind in the Western world, sits proudly above the city, its white Pentelic marble gleaming brightly during the day, then brilliantly illuminated at night. It’s no wonder the landmark and its associated museum attracted more than 4.5 million people in 2018, with most tourists making the pilgrimage over the warmer months.

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