Traditional Greek Food Hidden in the Mountains of Crete | Greece Travel

Crete makes some of the best Greek food in all of the Greek Islands and Greece itself. In this travel vlog, we find a hidden traditional Cretan food restaurant in a small village named Spili. The small taverna To Sideradiko serves up some of the most low-key but authentic and delicious Greek food. The owner takes you inside his restaurant and shows you the dishes he has made fresh that day. We decided on the large Greek beans, Greek spinach pie and beef and homemade Greek noodles. Some of the other dishes available on the day we visited were chicken with Okra and lamb with beans. We definitely recommend taking a quick stop here if you’re in the area.

After eating, we take a stroll through the small town of Spili. It has 800 residents and is located in the central west of Crete and is about 27 KM from Rethymno town. It’s most known for its ‘kefalovrissi’ or Lions Fountain, a series of lion heads with lovely cool spring water trickling out of them. It’s quite a miracle to see natural running water on a dry and hard Mediterranean island like Crete. It’s truly a sight to be seen. We also walked uphill to the local folk Museum. The owner gave us a lively tour and was great with the kids.

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