Total War: Elysium Announced –

But before you get all excited thinking about a Total War game that dabbles in Greek Myth with gods and monsters and mighty warriors, Total War: Elysium is actually a new free-to-play collectible card game. One inspired by Total War, with the Elysium naming referring to a city where past generals like Napoleon and Cao Cao can be found battling it out – rectangle style.

Here’s the first-look at gameplay, with the game expected to hit mobile devices in a limited play-test run this month before heading to PC.

Total War: ELYSIUM is the new free-to-play strategy card game from the award-winning developers of Total War, bringing Generals from across history to go head to head in epic strategic showdowns. 

Experience countless exciting battles, build masterful decks, and dominate the battlefield as history’s most famous leaders determine who is the greatest strategist of all time. 

Command the best units and soldiers in history, from the Huscarls of Viking kings, the Elite Guard of the Napoleonic Empire, or the fearsome Jade Warriors from the Three Kingdoms. Throw down a challenge to legendary Generals and historical figures such as Viking shieldmaiden Lagertha, the warlord Cao Cao, or even the cunning diplomat Marie Antoinette.  

No matter which General you pick, build the deck that fits your strategy and brings you ultimate victory. 

For more info be sure to head to the official site. For us, it’s back to drooling over the idea of an Ancient Greek Total War steeped in mythology.

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