Tornos News | Rio-Antirrio bridge tolls in western Greece to rise on January 9

Cars and buses will pay higher tolls for the Rio-Antirrio bridge as of midnight January 8 to January 9, with electronic card payments rising as of February 1, the managing companty said, according to ANA.

Gefyra SA announced that passenger car price would rise to 13.50 euros (from 13.20 euros currently) but that prices for motorcycles and regular travellers using the bridge would remain the same.

For example, prices for the Aller-Retour card (max. 5 hours round trip) would remain the same, as would one-way tolls and 10-trip passes for motorcycles, and subscription cards for people with cancer or kidney patients. People with disabilities would continue to pay reduced tolls as well.

The new prices are as follows, per vehicle: 

  • – Passenger cars, 13.50 euros
  • – Trucks with 2 axles, 20.30 euros
  • – Trucks with 3 axles, 33.00 euros
  • – Trucks with 4 or more axles 42.00 euros
  • – Buses seating up to 20, 30.50 euros
  • – Buses seating from 20 to 40, 43.00 euros
  • – Buses seating over 40, 66.00 euros

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: Guillaume Piolle

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