Tornos News | Photography exhibition on Greece’s Philippi site to take place in New York

As the year 2019 begins, one of Greece’s most important historic and archaeological monuments, the archaeological site at Philippi, is preparing to “travel” to New York through an impressive photography exhibition entitled “Philippi, a Landmark of European Heritage”, ANA reports.

Philippi was the last Greek site to be added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 2016. The photography show will allow all New Yorkers to “take a stroll” around a historic site that has multiple significance for history of the world and the growth of Christianity into a world religion.

“The site has special importance as a symbol of European heritage since it’s where three of its main axes meet: Greek civilisation, Roman law and Christianity,” noted the head of the Thassos-Kavala Antiquities Ephorate that is holding the exhibition.

Philippi was the scene of a number of important historic events, including a battle held on its outskirts in 42 BC that decided the political history of Rome and Europe’s constitutional history, along with the arrival of the Apostle Paul and the foundation of the first Christian community in Europe.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: MrPanyGoff


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