Tornos News | Free Wi-Fi offered at another 25 ancient sites and museums throughout Greece

Free wireless Internet will now be available to visitors of very important archeological sites, in the context of the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports with COSMOTE to provide free WiFi in major archaeological sites and museums in Greece, reports.

With the extension of the memorandum of cooperation between the two parties, a total of 25 points of high cultural and historical interest have been selected by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. COSMOTE already offers free wireless broadband services in thirteen places of cultural interest, while it continues to create infrastructure in other areas, with the total investment of the company surpassing 3 million euros.

Free access to a broadband network at archeological sites and museums allows visitors to easily search for information on monuments, share their experience through the internet and social networks, but also to the competent cultural institutions to develop new ways of guiding and hosting the public.

To sign the extension of the memorandum of cooperation, a meeting took place today at the Ministry of Culture between the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Lina Mendonis, and the President and CEO of OTE Group, Mr. Michalis Tsamaz, during which they discussed, except the cooperation and the implementation process of the projects, and the possibilities offered by the technology for the promotion of our cultural heritage.

As noted by Ms. Mendoni, “I would like to thank Mr. Tsamaz personally and in person all the collaborators and those involved in this great program of sponsorship in kind on behalf of the OTE Group for the provision of WiFi network in our important Archaeological sites and Museums. This program started some years ago, but at the moment it is being upgraded and expanded to 25 points of high cultural and historical interest. I will also convey the spirit of the discussion that took place at the Central Archaeological Council a few months ago when he had to give his opinion on the specific offer of the company in order to reach today the day of the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation. An upgraded environment is created that will offer a different, even better experience for the thousands of Greeks and foreign visitors. With WiFi in the archeological sites, we will provide them with digital services. It is important for the Services of the Ministry because, through the infrastructure offered by OTE, we can implement various telemetry services, remote sensing, and even the extension of the electronic ticket, which in any case the Ministry and the competent Organization for the Management and Development of Cultural Resources have planned and is in progress. For this, I really thank on behalf of all of us, my associates and the Services of the Ministry the company and Mr. Tsamaz for their offer. It is extremely essential because it strengthens the ways of protecting the country’s cultural stock, promotes Greek culture, promotes its extroversion, supports the modern services that the Greek state must offer to its visitors. “.

The President and CEO of OTE Group Mr. Michalis Tsamaz pointed out: “Our cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, allows us to use technology to highlight our cultural heritage and multiply the impact of our history. With the new generation network infrastructure and free internet, we send images and sounds of the most important monuments around the world, enhancing the image of modern digital Greece. At COSMOTE, we support our culture and history, because their knowledge is a compass for the future. Only if we know our roots can we know where we are going. “With our positive impact on society, the economy, and the environment, we are creating a better world for all.”

Archaeological sites and museums that already offer free WiFi are: Archaeological Site of the Acropolis, National Archaeological Museum, Byzantine & Christian Museum, Palace of the Magistrate and Archaeological Museum in the Medieval City of Rhodes, Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Archaeological Site of Knossos, Archaeological Site of Archaeological Site and Archaeological Site and Museum of Mycenae, Spinalonga, Ancient Corinth, Archaeological site of Delos, Archaeological site of Akrotiri, Thira.

Free WiFi will soon be available at Ancient Olympia, Acropolis of Lindos, Archaeological site of Sounio, Royal Tombs of Aigai (Vergina) and new Museum of Vergina, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Ancient Dodoni, Archaeological Site of Ancient Nemea, Mystras, Archaeological site and Museum of Elethromi Pa.

The program of providing free WiFi in important archeological sites and museums by COSMOTE in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports manages to highlight Greek history and culture with the power of modern technology.

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