Thessaloniki, the City of Experiences

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“There is a homeland for everyone, while there is Thessaloniki,” wrote Nikiforos Choumnos, a 14th-century Byzantine dignitary and scholar.

And he was right: Thessaloniki is a gorgeous and cosmopolitan seaside city and the largest in Greece after Athens. This historic capital of the Macedonia region was founded in 315 BC by the Macedonian king Cassander and named after his wife who was a half-sister of Alexander the Great. This is the city that, in the days of Philip II of Macedon, would steal Athens’ thunder. It has so much history: Roman and Byzantine ruins, early Christian heritage (the Apostle Paul brought the first message of Christianity here in 50 BC), Pontic Greeks and Armenians, remnants of Venetian and Ottoman rule and, perhaps most movingly, a remarkable Jewish history too. Centuries of cultural diversity has also made Thessaloniki a culinary nirvana, with almost too many great restaurants and little eateries to count. 

The White Tower, Thessaloniki

The White Tower, Thessaloniki (Photo Credit: Celestyal Cruises)

Thessaloniki’s landmark, the White Tower, is located on the seaside promenade, right by Celestyal ports. Built in the 15th century, the tower was also once used during the Ottoman rule as a place of execution. Within the tower today is a museum showcasing Thessaloniki’s history from its foundation up to 1922 and also houses a charming collection from the city’s glorious Byzantine past.   
A short distance from the Tower is the Vassiliko Theatre, built in 1940, and home to the National Theatre of Northern Greece. The three-story, recently renovated 11,000-square-meter building, accommodates numerous playhouses. 
The most significan and popular square in town is Aristotelous, overlooking the Thermaic Gulf, where you can see Mt. Olympus on a clear day. And along the coast, next to Nikis Boulevard, which extends from the city port on the west to the statue of Alexander the Great on east, a number of cozy cafes, bars and shops can be found. 
The Palace complex of Galerius and see the Octagon building intended to be a throne hall with its impressive mosaics, the Rotonda (containing Early Christian mosaics) and Galerius Arch (aka Kamara) built in ca. 305 AD 
Agora (dating 3rd c. BC. to the 5th c AD.) is where the ruins of the ancient market are found, along with the mint, a conservatory, the presumed City Archives room, public bath facilities, taverna, brothel, and more. Excavations have now revealed an ancient temple and early Christian tombs (4th-7th c.)  

Get to know another aspect of the city’s history by stopping at the Byzantine Baths, near Koule Kafe square — a rare sample of baths dating back to the end of the 13th century.

Last but not least, don’t miss the nearby Ladadika neighborhood, the best place to soak up the vibrant nightlife scene in Thessaloniki near Aristotelous square. This is where you’ll enjoy the night out in restaurants and nightclubs in old restored buildings that were saved by the 1917 fires. 

Celestyal Cruises offers a variety of shore excursions with local expert guides in Thessaloniki. From exploring the Land of Alexander the Great to Food on Foot or Winery tours there are plenty to choose from.  

Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece (Photo Credit: Celestyal Cruises)

Here are three of the most popular shore excursions offered by Celestyal Cruises:

1. Highlights of Thessaloniki: A half-day excursion to this city’s most popular landmarks

2. Rich History of a Famous Greek Winery: This is a trip for wine lovers and Celestyal take guests to one of the most reputed wine companies in Greece to see the vinyards and taste various labels or opt for a specially designed wine experience.

3. Land of Alexander the Great: A remarkable, historic, full-day excursion taking guests to the cultural centre of the Ancient Greek world, Pella, and the seat of the royal family including Alexander during Greece’s greatest prosperity. This is followed by Vergina and the tomb of King Philip II of Macedonia. 

Thessaloniki is where epic history meets Greek City vibes. It is no wonder why Celestyal Cruises offers a variety of shore excursions in Thessaloniki

Pool onboard the Celestyal Journey

Pool onboard the Celestyal Journey (Photo Credit: Celestyal Cruises)

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Visit Greece with Celestyal Cruises

Visit Greece with Celestyal Cruises (Photo Credit: Celestyal Cruises)

The Best of Greece

The ultimate Greek islandhopping experience starts in Athens before sailing to the best of Greece’s islands. Charming white villas clinging to clifftops. Ancient ruins with all their secrets. Celestyal’s 7nt Idyllic Aegean cruise will take guests to the shining stars of the Aegean, from Milos to Mykonos to Santorini… and of course, Thessaloniki!

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