These Greek names have created a buzz in India, not abroad, they will lose heart on each name

There are many languages ​​and cultures of choosing names for babies. It is not necessary that you choose only Indian or traditional name for your baby, but you can also give him the most liked name in any other language. Here we are telling you some Greek names for children. Along with these names their meanings are also given. Choose whichever name you like from these.

greek baby names

Andrik: You can name your son Andrik. The meaning of name Andrik is Immaculate, Brave, Male, Manly; Virtue. The name originated in the Greek language.
Zorin: If you are looking for an English name for a son, then you can choose the name Jorin. This is a Greek name which is very much liked abroad.
Daniel: If you like English names for children, then you can choose the name Daniel. Daniel name meanings is Jehovah is my judge, Joyful, God is my judge.
Raja: You must have heard this name a lot in India. Meaning of the name Raja is Ruler, Sand, Silver, Emotion, Affection, Hope and Royal.
Luna: This name of baby girl means moon, purity, lovely, flower and lotus flower.


If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘J’ and you want to choose an English name, then you can choose the name Xavier. Javier name meanings is Owner of the house, Born in January, One night, Flowers, Victorious, Forest, Green branches, Shiny.

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You can choose this Greek name for your daughter. This name is quite trendy and can find a place in your list of favorite names.

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This name will suit both son and daughter. Sharon name meanings is Field, Princess, Land, Fertile plain, Goddess.


If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘J’ then you can name her Jessica. Meaning of the name Jessica is Warrior, Wealthy, God’s grace, God sees, Foresight, Wealthy, One who can foreshadow, Beautiful.


Tanisa would be a great name for your baby girl. This Greek name means Night, Ambition, Born on Monday and Most beautiful.


This name is very much liked not only abroad but also in India. Jasmine name meanings is Fragrant flower, Jasmine flower, Gift of God. May this name fill the fragrance of flowers in your daughter’s life.


In Greek, the breath of God is called Aromah. You can choose this Greek name for your daughter.

photo credit: pexels

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