The Greek Corner restaurant opens in Kirkgate, Shipley

The Greek Corner launched in Kirkgate on Monday.

Owners Vasileios Galizis and Sophie Lancelot received a grant from the Shipley Towns Fund which was used to fit out the space to reflect the spirit of Greece, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Vasileios, who has a career in hospitality, explained: “With the support of the grant, we were able to open the doors to our Greek-inspired cafe in the heart of Shipley.

“I myself am Greek, from Peloponnese south of Athens, and we are serving a menu inspired by traditional Greek cuisine like fresh, homemade pastries, alongside Yorkshire dishes to reflect both mine and Sophie’s heritage.

“The focus will be on delicious authentic food, including desserts, giving people all the true flavours of Greece here in Yorkshire with sit-in, takeaway and delivery service.”

Chair of the Shipley Towns Fund, Adan Clerkin, said: “The Greek Corner is a really welcome addition to Shipley’s food scene.

“Grants from the Shipley Towns Fund are making huge differences to a diverse range of business across our area.”

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