The Fall of Troy Ancient Greek Mythology

Trojan war and the age of empire , one of the greatest in history is over and only the ruins remained. Greek heroes are gone long ago and there is no one who can tell us the truth about the actual cause of the war of Troy and what really happened in the end. Download The Fall of Troy – Ancient Greek Mythology and collect the hidden artifacts to solve the mystery that bothers people around the world for centuries. Search for hidden objects and find out the true story of Tro y and the ancient warfare.

The Fall of Troy – Ancient Greek Mythology features:

* Hundreds of hidden objects to find in this ancient world!
* Multiple levels with mystery temples full of hidden items !
* Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless!
* Beautiful colorful graphics and animations of hidden objects !
* Wonderful music and sound effects to relieve stress and anxiety!
* Click on the magnifying glass button to find the object easily!

Why is The Fall of Troy – Ancient Greek Mythology hidden object game the best?

Be the best archaeologist in history! Trojan war was one of the most famous in whole ancient history , but there is not enough evidence that will prove all the things from the Homer’s Iliad. Become an explorer and do the research on the archaeological sites and solve the mystery of the hidden city of Troy . There is no such an object searching game f ull version free like The Fall of Troy – Ancient Greek Mythology that will take you to the ancient Greece that you could read only in the books of mythology . Find the hidden object from the card below and click on it. May the Gods of Olympus: like Zeus, Artemis, Ares, Athena help you in your secret quest and let you be the first one who will reveal the truth about the ancient war .


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