The Art of Mediterranean Food

New flavours and techniques were explored and shared from Bishulim Culinary School’s Chef Ran Pollack during his visit at our campus to celebrate our new partnership.


Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is proud to partner with Bishulim, Israeli Institute of Culinary Arts. Thanks to this collaboration, the students of our Le Bouveret campus were happy to welcome Chef Ran Pollak, Head of Culinary Arts Department at Bishulim school, for a culinary workshop, in which they were able to learn Middle Eastern recipes and work with new flavours. Our programs not only encourage the exchange of culinary expertise thanks to the visit of famous chefs but also allow students to explore different culinary cultures among fellow students, to better prepare them for entrepreneurship and innovation in cooking careers.


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We’re very proud of this partnership with Bishulim Culinary School because it really enables us to exchange areas of expertise. It enables famous figures in the culinary industry to come and talk to the students like now with Chef Ran Pollak who has been cooking, tasting, demonstrating and doing a lot of activities with our students in Switzerland.

My name is Chef Ran Pollak, I am the head of the Culinary Arts Department at the Bishulim School in Israel.

What we did today in class was Mediterranean food, especially Middle Eastern food.

I find the students, when I expose them to new flavours and new techniques, they are very willing to learn, very curious. I was very happy about class today.

Students from Bishulim can benefit from coming to learn in Switzerland and expose themselves to another culture, to taste new flavours, meet people from all around the world and to learn from the best in the business about hospitality.

The programme designed for Bishulim graduates at the Culinary Arts Academy has been designed to build around their business acumen while fostering their creativity and innovation. This is very well complemented with internships, which students can actually select to do in Europe, Switzerland or internationally.

Thank you, see you soon and “bon appétit”!


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