Smart Traveller issues extreme heat and wildfire risks warning for Greece this summer

Extreme temperatures and the threat of wildfires are currently impacting many areas of Greece, according to the latest advisory from Smart Traveller.

In total, Greece saw 52 wildfires breaking out in the previous 24 hour period, 44 of which were tackled in the early stages. Authorities were still battling a total of eight fires by Monday evening.

Travellers are urged to exercise caution and follow several safety recommendations to ensure their well-being such as staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and seeking out air-conditioned or shaded areas to combat the heat.

Hiking during heatwaves is strongly discouraged, but if you must hike, it is crucial to inform someone of your plans and carry ample water. Adhering to instructions from local authorities regarding safety measures is essential.

Petty crime, including theft, is a significant concern in tourist areas, on public transport, and in accommodations like short-term rentals. Tourists are advised to remain vigilant with their belongings, particularly passports, bank cards, and phones.

Carrying dentification in the form of a photocopy of their passport, and avoid taking photos of military sites and personnel due to local restrictions is also suggested. Additionally, familiarising oneself with local laws, including those regarding smoking indoors and same-sex relationships, is recommended.

Health precautions include wearing light clothing, and utilising air-conditioned spaces to avoid heat-related illnesses, with a note that public hospitals in Greece may lack supplies and provide limited nursing care, so carrying necessary medications with prescriptions and a doctor’s letter is advisable.

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