Six Brit girls ‘trapped’ in Greek quarantine hotel after one tested positive for Covid

A group of teenage girls celebrating the end of their exams are stuck in quarantine after one of their number tested positive for Covid.

The Wycombe Abbey School students have found themselves in a Greek facility for two weeks on the party island of Zante.

Having recently completed their A-levels at the £41,250-a-year school, the girls jetted off to Greece to let loose.

Ahead of their planned journey back last Saturday however, one of their number returned a positive lateral flow test.

Police came at 2am to take their passports away and placed them in a quarantine hotel for 14 days, Mail Online reported.

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The Keri Village & Spa Hotel on Zante, where the British girls are being held in quarantine
The girls have been through a “terrifying ordeal”, a mum has claimed

Elise Dunweber, mother of one of the girls, said: “It has been a terrifying ordeal for them.

“It just goes to show the confusion that lots of holidaymakers are facing at the moment with Covid and isolation.”

The drama began on Saturday when one of the 18-year-olds tested positive.

She was reportedly taken away in an ambulance despite not being ill or displaying any symptoms.

The Greek authorities are covering the cost of the stay

The Greek authorities are covering the cost of the stay

The other seven girls were all given fitness to fly certificates to leave the island after testing negative.

On the apparent advice of a doctor they headed to the airport where two of them got on a plane to Athens.

The other five were waiting for their flight the following morning when police arrived at the airport and took them away.

Mrs Dunweber said: “They were taken off in the cars in the dead of night at 2am without knowing where they were going.”

The girls jetted off to Greece to let loose

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The worried mum called the manager of the Keri Village & Spa hotel – where they are now quarantined – who said he would look after the girls.

The Greek authorities are covering the cost of the stay.

Mrs Dunweber, who stood as a Conservative candidate in the 2015 general election, has questioned why the teenagers cannot be tested before the 14 days up and then released early if they get negative results.

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