Save the date! Stefania’s Eurovision song “Last Dance” set for March 10 release

The release date for Greece’s Eurovision 2021 song “Last Dance” has been confirmed. Mark your calendars: Stefania will have you moving on March 10. Greek broadcaster ERT made the announcement during the evening news on Monday.

The 18-year-old star is currently in Athens filming the music video. The song is said to be in the style of 80s pop, a similar sound to recent releases from Dua Lipa, which has hopes high that the music video will mix retro visuals with Stefania’s undeniably contemporary feel.

As you’ll remember, “Last Dance” has been written by a team of Eurovision veterans including Dimitris Kontopoulos (“You Are The Only One” and “Shady Lady”), Greek production team Arcade and Sharon Vaughn (“Scream” and “Waterline”). This is the team behind Stefania’s 2020 entry “Superg!rl”. They know her well and have watched her evolve over the past year — realities that will no doubt make “Last Dance” one to remember.

To mark the occasion, Stefania has released new pictures that showcase her more mature style, which leans high fashion and editorial.

Her Eurovision staging will be created by famed choreographer Fokas Evangelinos. Together, Kontopoulos and Evangelinos are part of the so-called “Dream Team”, behind some of the most iconic Eurovision performances from the past 15 years.

Stefania’s song was internally selected by ERT’s song selection committee in collaboration with Stefania’s creative team.

What does “Last Dance” sound like?

While the song title has been released, fans will have to wait longer to hear the song itself.  However, some Eurovision media have already heard a preview of the song. I was rather taken by the version I heard in January, writing that “the ‘Superg!rl’ singer of 2020 has morphed into Superwoman for 2021. The song has a more mature sound and is bang on trend with its 80s pop vibe.” I can still hum it all these months later, which is surely a good sign.

The Eurovision Fun web site said it was “faithful to the musical current of the time (80s pop), but with a modern orchestration, highlighting in the best way the voice skills of Stefania. It could very well be a song by Dua Lipa, while it also stands out lyrically.”

The notion of a “Last Dance” — which connotes finality and the end of something — may strike a chord with viewers who have experienced the isolation and loneliness over the past year.

Stefania is a Greek-Dutch singer who previously represented The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision 2016. She was internally selected to represent Greece at Eurovision 2020 before its cancellation. The Greek broadcaster then reselected her to return to Eurovision 2021.

What do you think? Does “Last Dance” sound like it has the right ingredients? Are you looking forward to hearing it? Tell us your thoughts below!

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