QP Greek Food With a Kick opens in Hoffman Estates

Chris Kyriazis is calling on his many years of experience in the restaurant business in opening his first restaurant, QP Greek Food With a Kick, in Hoffman Estates.

The former manager of Greek Islands in Chicago’s Greektown has recruited his two sons and two daughters-in-law to breathe new life into the former Zippy’s and Beef Shack location in front of Valli Produce on Roselle Road, just south of Higgins Road.

Though Kyriazis is still building up to the opening of the restaurant’s drive-through and catering service, he attributes much of the success he’s had in his first week of operation to his location.

Besides having Valli Produce as a neighbor and 38,000 cars per day passing on Roselle Road, the site is elevated and easily visible from Higgins Road.

“I think it’s a great location,” Kyriazis said.

The building at 830 N. Roselle Road became vacant in January 2018 and, after settling on it, Kyriazis spent the past six months transforming its 3,400 square feet into his own place.

“I figured I wanted to make a good, cozy Greek corner,” he said. “This area has a lot of lunch, but has been limited for dinner.”

Nevertheless, he expects 40 percent to 50 percent of his business eventually will come through the drive-through.

The QP name derives from the phonetic form of the style of pottery vases he has examples and paintings of inside. He refers to the cuisine as “Greek Food With a Kick,” because it provides a twist on traditional American and Mexican dishes with Greek ingredients.

The ribs, for example, are marinated with Greek spices.

“They are barbecued ribs, but not with barbecue sauce. They’re spicy,” he said. “We took the name burrito and taco and made them Greek.”

Kyriazis said he didn’t want his restaurant to be a copy of anyone else’s style, so many of the dishes are his own innovations.

Though he’s the owner, Kyriazis said he spends much of his time in the kitchen and doesn’t expect that to end in the foreseeable future.


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