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Greek food for the holidays

Authentic Greek goodies, both savoury and sweet, are available once again through the Hellenic Community of Penticton’s annual Christmas bake sale.

Packages of everything from spanakopita to dolmades to tzatziki are available to order, perfect for freezing and serving during the holiday season.

The tradition goes way back to 1991 when the community group bought the church, according to one of the main organizers Velma Weeks.

“Now unfortunately we don’t have as many members, so all the work falls on just a few people,” Weeks said. “We’re relying on fundraisers to keep our church and community afloat because right now we’re just barely making it because of COVID-19.”

Donations go to community causes, most recently the Penticton Regional Hospital expansion, and to paying the bills at the church. 

Much of the food is homemade, and some bought ready-made and packed up to pick up. The most popular treats include frozen spinach pies, “Great for appies,” and baklava and moussaka, said Weeks. 

“All the ladies make things, those are homemade. Like the shortbread, and the spice cookies, usually all the cakes. But we had to limit it this year,” Weeks said. 

Everything will be pre-order only this year, a change from previous times. Orders can be picked up Dec. 13 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Hellenic Community of Penticton church at 1265 Fairview Road, with social distancing in effect. 

Find out more about the food available to order here, and make sure to place your orders before the Dec. 5 deadline. 

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