Pennie donates to Greek hospitals

ΑTHENS  – Pennie, having a heightened sense of social responsibility and wanting to support the medical and nursing staff of various hospitals in the country, which work relentlessly to defeat the spread of the covid-19 virus, has taken an act of selflessness and conscientiousness.

Pennie provided reusable cotton masks to all the doctors and nursing staff of four different hospital units in the country, proving in practice company’s support to the people who are currently fighting in the front line with the newly spread virus and taking care of us.

The act of support from Pennie included the following hospitals: The Hospital of Chalkida, the Hospital of Agios Savvas, the Hospital of Kastoria, as well as the Hospital of Papanikolaou. Offering masks to medical and nursing staff, Pennie offered much more. They offered confidence and hope that together we can always overcome every obstacle.

In these unprecedented situations we are experiencing, Pennie proves that together we can always do our best and become ours best selves. We continue moving on, always together and guided by the common good.

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