Pagan & Shinto News: Excavations Reveal Ancient Greek Pot With ‘Curse’ To Kill 55 People

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto:

  • Excavations reveal ancient Greek pot with ‘curse’ to kill 55 people
  • Turkey: Ancient Greek altar found at archaeological site near Antalya
  • UK: Extremely rare prehistoric animal carvings found for first time in Scotland

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Left: Illustration of the myth of Pandora’s Jar, public domain. Right: Athenian cylindrical altar (Illustrative purposes only), Rowanwindwhistler, CC BY-SA 4.0

Pagan News

US: Texas Viking Festival will turn Central Texas ranch into a Norse village for summer solstice
San Antonio Current
The third Texas Viking Festival will take place the weekends of June 12-13 and 19-20 with organizers setting up a Central Texas encampment composed of tents and permanent structures to form a “living Viking village for educational use”…

Canada: First ever Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards to be held
CTV News
The first ever Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards will take place virtually on June 12…

Shinto News

The Origins of Saisen
“Saisen” is the money that you offer on a normal jinja visit, dropping it into the offering box before you pay your respects…

A visit to “the most blessed kappa statues in all of Japan”

The fabled yokai water imps at this shrine want to make you happy for your whole life…

The Japanese train station with torii gates on its tracks
Japan Today
The mysterious sight first came to everyone’s attention in March last year, when Twitter user @Alpino305 snapped a couple of photos of the gates at the station and shared them online…

Other News

Excavations reveal ancient Greek pot with ‘curse’ to kill 55 people
Daily Sabah
A 2,300-year-old ceramic pot filled with the bones of a dismembered chicken and a nail was found under the floor of a commercial building in the Greek capital of Athens…

Ancient Greek altar found at archaeological site near Antalya, Turkey
Greek Reporter
A marble altar with an ancient Greek inscription has been discovered at the site of Patara, close to the south-west coastal city of Antalya in Turkey…

UK: Extremely rare prehistoric animal carvings found for first time in Scotland
They are thought to date to the Neolithic or Early Bronze Age, and include images of deer…

UK: Stonehenge named in England’s top five attractions
Planet Radio
The historical site joins the likes of Kew Gardens and the British Museum in a list of the UK’s favourite places…

Pressure mounts for Italy to buy Torlonia marbles
The Art Newspaper
As a landmark exhibition in Rome draws to a close, government’s plans for long-hidden group of ancient sculpture remain unclear…

UK: The rising popularity of the burial mound
Modern versions of mounds called ‘barrows’ are being built around Britain to store people’s cremated ashes, with a family-sized space sometimes costing thousands of pounds…

Every god in Netflix’s Ragnarok (& how they compare to Norse mythology)
Screen Rant
Ragnarok season 2 cements the reincarnations of several Norse gods while retelling mythology within a modern context. Here’s every god in the show…

6 things to know about the goddess Oshun
Oshun the river goddess is one of the most important characters in Yoruba mythology…

‘Witch Hunts’ Past & Present

Kenya: Gang hacks three to death over ‘witchcraft’ claims
The Star
Police are pursuing a gang that stormed a village in Meru on Thursday night, before killing and burning three people aged 70, 72 and 68 for allegedly engaging in ‘witchcraft’…

Zimbabwe: Man stones father to death over ‘witchcraft’ accusations

A Nyanga man has been arrested facing murder charges after he  stoned his father to death over allegations he was practicing ‘witchcraft’…

How Jersey became ‘the witch-hunting capital of Europe’
The Channel Islands have been described in the history books as ‘the witch-hunting capital of Europe’…

Dubai customs seizes witchcraft items
The Wild Hunt
Customs officials in Dubai have seized about 10 pounds worth of items that they claim are related to “black magic.”…

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