An authentic Greek dining experience is pivotal to OPA as  they transport guests to the Mediterranean coast with their signature warm hospitality, delectable  dishes as well as the instantly recognizable entertainment.  

For a limited time only, between January 19th and January 23rd, OPA is inviting guests to a week of memorable musical evenings as the venue will open its doors to a traditional Greek singer and Bouzouki player, both of whom are from Greece itself and trained in the traditional  art forms and land of celebrations. The historic music will add to the playful atmosphere, while  also allowing guests to be transported to the otherworldly and magical shores of Greece.  

While enjoying the entertainment, as always, guests can expect delicious authentic and  traditional Greek dishes crafted with precision and custom created with love, firmly rooted in  tradition. 

Since 2018, OPA has been celebrated as the best Greek restaurant in Dubai, taking guests  through a sensorial journey, starting with the traditional Mediterranean décor with a white and  blue colour scheme complemented by vibrant flowers and greenery and ending with a mirth  filled festivities. 

Opening Hours Daily 7 pm – 3 am 

Reservation Email reservations@opadubai.com 

Reservation Number +971 4 357 0557 

Website https://www.opadubai.com/ 

Instagram @opadubai

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