Natalja Sticco is Bridging the Past and the Present Through Her Music

A lot of stressful events are happening in the world today. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the riots surrounding the George Floyd case and police brutality in America, more are looking for ways to help them deal with an insurmountable amount of stress. One proven method of reducing anxiety is through music. 

Since Ancient Greek times, music has been used to heal the mind and body. Music therapy has been used with military populations for some time. During both World War I and II, music therapy was used for veterans who were suffering from emotional and physical trauma. However, for classical crossover artist, Natalja Sticco music can not only help improve personal well-being but perhaps help bridge constructive conversations from relationships to social issues. 

Natalja Sticco is a Latvian-born mezzo-soprano and classical crossover artist. With her interpretations of operatic arias and her enchanting on-stage persona, she has become a favorite of the concert-going public. With appearances in over 200 performances of 30 operas in 6 countries within Europe, the Middle East, and North America, she is now emerging as a powerhouse in the music scene. 

Just recently, the professional opera singer who is now residing in Boston released her debut single recording of the song “Requiem for a Soldier,” the theme for the American war drama miniseries “Band of Brothers.” More than being a debut single, the song “Requiem for a Soldier” strikes a deep personal connection to Natalja

Natalja‘s ability to approach different music styles stems from a life that has been deeply influenced by music. She recalls her first influence in music happened in the Summer of 1991 when her home nation of Latvia made a final stand against the occupying Soviet Union. Despite not having clear memories during that time, she perfectly remembers the music, how songs, the radios, and the streets would change the energy, the feelings, and emotions of the people. Life felt better with music around her. 

It was in her teen years that Natalja understood the war and realized the true power of music. ​She learned of the “Singing Revolution,” which were these spontaneous mass singing protests that would happen in the evenings. She realized that the people she heard singing in the streets as a child were singing for their freedom. From then on, she wanted to honor them through music. 

Natalja’s life has been greatly intertwined with soldiers and the fight for freedom and liberations. Natalja is married to a permanently disabled US Air Force Veteran from the Gulf War, and her stepson currently serves as an officer in the US Army. 

Her past and present had a great influence when Natalja was deciding on what she wanted to record for her first single. “Requiem for a Soldier” stood out as a way to honor the sacrifices of generations of soldiers and activists who fought for the freedom she and life she is currently experiencing and enjoying. 

With all that is happening around the world, Natalja aims to use music as a way to help bridge constructive conversations from relationships to social issues, just as music helped her achieve her freedom. 

For more information about Natalja Sticco and her music, you can visit her website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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