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Melan Selas, a black metal band hailing from Trikala, Greece, has signed a deal with The Circle Music for the release of their upcoming second album, Zephyrean Hymns.

Scheduled for September 2023, the new album is said to breathe new life into the black metal scene and promises to place the band among the greats of the Greek black metal scene. 

Formed in 2015 Melan Selas has so far released two EPs and one full-length album, Φάος. The band consists of D.K. (For My Sanity, Katavasia) who handles all instruments and Astraea on vocal and lyrical duties. 

Regarding the signing, the band commented: “We are truly excited for our collaboration with The Circle Music label and the new paths that are to be followed. An amazing creative journey begins with our upcoming album Zephyrean Hymns that is to be released in September 2023! A new dimension… Great new meaning.”

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