Matt Damon Is Vacationing In Mykonos… AGAIN! (See Photos)

The second return of “Jason Bourne” to the Cycladic island.

The famous actor Matt Damon chose Mykonos for a summer vacation for the second summer in a row.

The legendary “Jason Bourne” (as is the name of the hero he plays in the eponymous film series) is enjoying his summer holidays on the island, staying in a luxurious villa.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Proto Thema spotted him on Tuesday night having dinner with his friends at the well-known seaside restaurant Sea Satin.

His presence there did not go unnoticed, and after the end of the evening, he agreed to be photographed with the restaurant staff, showing his kindness and good mood while in Greece.

Sea Satin has a special meaning for Matt Damon, as the last scene of the riveting movie “The Bourne Identity” was filmed in the restaurant.

See the scene:

The actor’s return to the restaurant brings back nostalgic memories and connects the present with the past.

Last year, Matt Damon’s first visit to ‘Sea Satin’ was just as impressive.

Accompanied by a large group of 20-25 people – among them Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth, they enjoyed Greek cuisine with fine fish dishes, such as lobsters and crabs. In fact, Matt Damon even left a 1,000 euro tip!

The restaurant owners, Zannis Frantzeskos and Sami Ibrahim, welcomed them warmly, and the evening flowed with the flavours and aromas of Greek cuisine.

The visit of Matt Damon and his company to Sea Satin coincided with the 20th anniversary of the screening of “The Bourne Identity”, making the moment even more special.

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