Marina Satti: Greece’s Eurovision 2024 singer wants to break stereotypes about Greek music

Marinna Satti, the Greek sensation ready to conquer Eurovision 2024, recently gave her first interview since being confirmed for the song contest. Speaking to Greece’s national channel ERT, she exuded calm, claiming that rehearsals and musical chaos are just part of her job description. 

“I’m not stressed,” she told the network. “I feel like that’s exactly what I do in my life. I make music, songs, rehearsals, ideas. I am delighted to have been assigned this project. By getting all the support from you, everyone and the partners, I feel that the things I wanted to achieve are happening faster. So I’m happy!”

It’s a significant year for Greece at Eurovision: Greeks are marking 50 years from their debut and Mariella’s stunning performance. A win would be nice. But Marina prefers to set short-term goals, focusing on conquering the moment rather than stressing about the Eurovision stage.

Marina Satti: Greece’s Eurovision 2024 singer wants to break stereotypes 

Marina says she’s on a mission: to break stereotypes about Greek music and culture. She is aiming to create a project that reflects the real characteristics of her generation and young Greek people. Forget the plate-smashing and Zorba dances; Marina wants the world to connect, feel the rhythm, and dance without judgment.

She’s been surprised to meet people on the street congratulating her, turning Marina into a walking, talking national hero. The warmth she feels from them isn’t just applause; it’s the secret sauce that fuels her Eurovision journey.

When asked about the competition and what outcome she is aiming for, Marina dropped some wisdom: “There are no winners or losers; it’s just a party where music connects souls.” Preach, Marina, preach!

She’s not in it for the victory. She’s in it for the harmonious, Eurovision-fuelled love fest. Who needs a trophy when you have the world grooving to your beat?

When Marina was asked about her favourite Eurovision artists, she expressed her admiration for Mahmood. And she really wants to see the iconic Björk, who is one of her favourite artists, on the Eurovision stage one day.

Marina isn’t flying solo. She’s got her musical “child,” the choir of young talented women named “Chores,” which she wishes to have by her side at least backstage in Malmö, since it is impossible to have all members on the stage.

Marina also expressed her unconventional taste in previous Greek entries. While many might expect her to pick a chart-topper, she threw it back to 2002, declaring her love for “S.A.G.A.P.O.” Talk about a hidden gem! Who knew Marina had a soft spot for early 2000s Euro-pop? It’s a bold choice, and we love her even more for it.

So, will Marina and her alternative, relaxing vibes steal the hearts of Eurofans? Buckle up, Eurovision enthusiasts, because this Greek goddess is about to fuel the contest with epic, art-infused moments. Stay tuned, dance on, and let the Eurovision games begin! OPA!

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