Lindsey Stirling Debuts Music Video for New Single “Artemis”

Lindsey Stirling Debuts Music Video for New Single “Artemis”

The new song and video by Lindsey Stirling, the violinist and singer is quite rapturous with an ominous and light feeling. She plays the violin in the middle of a forest with her white, blonde hair flowing and an outfit that is ragged but fitting for the natural setting. A group of dancers join her and move in sync as Artemis leads them through the movements. The electronic beat bends and flows against the harmonizing violin acoustics set against a flowing pace that takes you on a ride. Fans of Artemis can pre-order the album here.


The video looks like what you might expect from a renegade, all-female Viking warriors group who are perfect dancers and move in stylish unison. The song has an upbeat and solid sound but this is not new for Stirling who has amassed a thunderous following globally. The video is described as having enchanting melodies which add to the fantastic violin and synthesizers. The dancers are doing hunter-like movements and covered in dirt as if from battle, Artemis is known as the Greek Goddess of wild animals, the hunt and vegetation. Her new album Artemis takes its name from Greek mythology. Artemis rules over the moon, which has significant meaning to Stirling. She lost her father and best friend and struggled through grief and wondering if life would return to normal and she could rediscover purpose.

In fact, Stirling’s music video “Crystallize” has over 218 million page views and finished the eighth-most watched video of 2012 on YouTube. her latest singles, “The Upside,” and “Underground” will both be featured on her upcoming album Artemis which is set to release on September 6, 2019.

Her cover version of “Radioactive” with Pentatonix won “Response of the Year” in the first YouTube Music Awards in 2013. Stirling was also named in Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30 In Music” for  The Class Of 2015. When she was just 23 years old, Stirling was a quarter-finalist on America’s Got Talent, described as a “hip hop violinist” and impressed the judges by mixing hip-hop, pop, and classical music on the violin and incorporating dancing with playing the violin.

Stirling explained, “It is very unnatural to dance while playing the violin. I had to practice so hard to learn how to do it, but now it is part of my expression and it comes naturally. I have to know a song perfectly before I can even begin to move. Once I know a song really well, I can then have fun dancing.” Not only in her performances, but also with her music, dancing made a huge impact: “I loved dance music so I started with that and wrote ‘Transcendence’, ‘Electric Daisy’, and ‘Spontaneous Me’”

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