Height of beauty: Lalibela, EthiopiaJAREK WINNICZEK/GETTY

Guiding light
Letter of the week
“A really good tour is about interaction with a fellow human being,” says Alessia Horwich (Briefing, last week). Informative as technology can be, it can’t save your life. Despite my fear of heights, climbing the cliff path to the monastery outside Lalibela, in Ethiopia, was a challenge I couldn’t pass up. With the help of a local guide, I managed the ascent and was rewarded with amazing views and a tranquil place of worship. But on the descent, we were on a tiny ledge when I slipped. Somehow my guide managed to cling to me; cut and bruised, we negotiated the remaining few yards as he loudly gave thanks to St Mary. I’m glad I wasn’t relying on a…