Kostas Sloukas very optimistic for Greece ahead of EuroBasket

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Greek national team star guard Kostas Sloukas has a quite positive feeling for his squad ahead of the 2022 EuroBasket which makes him optimistic that he and the rest of the group will achieve something notable for the first time after 2009.

“I’m one of the older players on this team, and it has been like that for the last couple of years. My role on the team is the same, I always put myself and my talent under the country’s banner to achieve something great. This year, the timing and circumstances are good and there have been some changes we all know so I’m very optimistic,” Sloukas said an in an interview for the Greek Basketball Federation.

The Greek team hasn’t won anything in an international tournament since the bronze medal of the 2009 EuroBasket. The only player who was present on that roster and is also active now is guard Nick Calathes.

Now, Greece will be looking for a podium spot at full strength. Giannis Antetokounmpo, one of the best (if not the best) players in the world, is leading the charge, together with Sloukas and Calathes. Dimitris Itoudis, a two-time EuroLeague champion as head coach, has taken over to provide a breath of fresh air and new ideas that the team will need in order to successfully blend together.

“There’s a big trust for the coach who is very experienced and renowned, as is the entire staff. Now, we have to work together in order to make good use of the time we have to the maximum, as well as the preparation games and practices for the big goal we have ahead of us: The EuroBasket but also the two games of the 2023 World Cup Qualifiers that will come before.”


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