Konstantinos Pantelidis Releases New Song ‘Ki An Me Miso’

Konstantinos Pantelidis releases new single 'Ki An Me Miso'

A few days ago, Konstantinos Pantelidis released his new song titled “Κι Αν Με Μισώ” (Ki An Me Miso).

The song has had over 245,000 views!

It was only a few months ago that the little brother of the great Pantelis Pantelidis, signed his first record deal with Cobalt Music.

Trust us, you’ll want to have this song on repeat for days.

*Listen to ‘Ki An Me Miso’ here-

The talented 18-year-old songwriter has already surprised fans with songs- “Με Θες Ακόμα” (Me Thes Akoma) and “Κάνε αυτό που θέλεις” (Do What You Want), which have gathered over 1 million views each.

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