Kokoretsi – traditional Greek food with lamb organs – village style (no voiceover)

Greeks love their homemade lamb kokoretsi on a skewer, roasted on a charcoal grill. In Greece, Kokoretsi or κοκορέτσι is prepared all year long, but they make it especially for Easter, as it is also a traditional Greek Easter dish. I was lucky to try the original Greek kokoretsi (not made for tourists).

I filmed this recipe in a simple Greek home, in a small mountain village. All the meat comes from this family’s own farm, so everything was fresh and tasted incredible. Even if I usually don’t like meat organs, this kokoretsi tasted incredible! Couldn’t believe how good it was!

As simple as it may be, Greek food tastes amazing mainly because the quality of the ingredients is excellent. They always use fresh ingredients and many Greeks still grow their own food.

Kokoretsi is a grilled dish found in the Balkans and Asia Minor, typically made from lamb organs wrapped in lamb or goat intestines. Kokoretsi is a very common dish in Greece. The lamb organs are seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon, olive oil, oregano. Sometimes garlic is added to this mix. All these organs go on a big skewer and it is roasted on a charcoal grill.



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