KAÏA Greek Debuts in Coral Gables with Modern take on Aegean Cuisine

CORAL GABLES, FL. – Patch.com has reported that KAÏA Greek has opened a new restaurant in Coral Gables, Florida, where guests can experience elegant Greek cuisine in a modern bohemian atmosphere. The restaurant is now open at noon every day of the week and serves a wide variety of Greek-inspired dishes, such as beef kefte, a traditional ground beef with fresh herbs, and skordalia, a garlic dip with almonds and extra virgin olive oil. Additionally, guests can enjoy delicious main courses such as homemade kebab prepared with a mixture of ground beef and lamb, fresh branzino, and Lamb Chops among the treats on KAÏA Greek’s rich menu.

KAÏA Greek pays tribute to the relaxed and straightforward aesthetics of Greek culture, creating a perfect blend of modern and rustic ambiance. Greek lounge music complements the setting, which exudes the cozy and laid-back atmosphere of KAÏA. The tables are surrounded by large pots overflowing with lush trees and flowers, which contribute to a greater sense of warmth and togetherness during dining at KAÏA.

The restaurant in Coral Gables highlights Mykonos in perfect harmony, providing everyone with the opportunity to discover Aegean Cuisine with a sophisticated appeal. The restaurant sources fresh and farm-to-table Mediterranean ingredients and flavors, while incorporating classic Greek cocktails and wines handpicked by a Greek sommelier. KAÏA means “From The Earth,” and the restaurant encapsulates all the exquisite offerings that the Earth provides, from its vegetation to its fresh catch, lovely people, and experiences.

According to KAÏA Greeks’ official site, KAÏA Greek was envisioned by Greek friends who own restaurants in Greece and Miami, with the goal of bringing a part of their homeland to Coral Gables.

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