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The COVID-19 pandemic has ended untold numbers of restaurants, including on Long Island, New York but Jimmy Soursos’ Sea Bar in Great Neck said his business didn’t fall off because people wanted his Greek style of making fish: think of a taverna on a Greek beach site and flash-fried barbounia, red mullet.

Soursos is also the owner of Greek Xpress, a fast-casual chainlet with four locations on Long Island and he opened in Great Neck in 2018, Newsday said in a report about how he has continued to do well. Customers asked, he said, “can you add more seafood?”

Soursos’s Greek family is from Sparta and his partner at Sea Bar, chef Gregory Zapantis, was born on the island of Kefalonia but didn’t go with a Greek restaurant at first until deciding to pool their expertise to go fishing. Sea Bar has a raw bar and global starters such as popcorn shrimp and fish tacos.

They complement a range of fish from Chilean sea bass to lemon sole, Arctic char and cod with the touch of braised green beans (fasolakia) and the classic rustic Greek salad horiatiki.

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