Jan 10 | Vegetarian Comfort Food Sunday

Happy Sunny Sunday everyone!

We are open from 3 to 8 tonight!

Thank you for all the positive feedback on our classic Greek comfort food that we prepare for you on our food trailer in Edgewood. Many of you ask for our healthy choices, and today we have prepared a few.

These are all vegan dishes by the way.

Fasolakia (stewed green beans in tomato w potato and parsley)

Greek Ratatouille (Imam Bayaldi) Stewed eggplant with lots of garlic, parsley and tomato. Served over rice. 

Spartan Lentil Soup

All of these dishes could be served with some feta for added flavor. But if you are watching calories, these dishes are delicious on their own too, and very healthy. As a matter of fact, fasolaki are commonly served not only as a main dish, but also a side with steaks and pork chops too.

Today we have Large Spanakopita. We prepare our spiinach pie the same way as the tray, but roll it inside fillo for an individually prepared serving.

As always, we have our core menu of gyros, falafel, Greek fries and stuffed grape leaves.

TXT MSG us at 401-489-6921 with your order. Advance notice always helps so we time all items together. 

We are open until 8 PM but if you are running late from the hospital or work, call me and I will stay open for you until 9 PM. 

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