Italian Football Legend Francesco Totti Enjoys His Holiday In Naxos With Noemi Bocci

The retired footballer and his partner are in Naxos and are staying in a luxurious villa.

The holidays have begun for Francesco Totti and his partner, Noemi Bocci, who chose Greece to celebrate their second summer together.

The couple is in Naxos and resides in a luxurious villa, Virtu Suites, owned by Greek footballer Kostas Manolas, who also played for Roma.

Francesco Totti

Manolas, who was a teammate of the Roma captain for two years, uploaded photos on his personal Instagram account.

Francesco Totti

The Italian couple have been in a relationship since the former footballer separated from his wife Ilary Blasi, and now, according to Italian media, they are waiting for the formalisation of the divorce to get married.

Totti and Manolas have remained very good friends even after the former Roma captain retired. The Greek footballer invited Totti and Bocci to stay at Virtu Suites.

During high season, a room for two in the hotel can cost up to 1,300 euros per night.

When he was at Roma, Manolas had talked about his dream of opening a hotel on Naxos and inviting his teammates, who would help him showcase the beauty of his home island to everyone.

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