Israeli composer celebrates sustainability and peace in Greece

Israeli musician and composer Mark Eliyahu performed at the first Global Live Med event in Athens, Greece last November. The event aimed to merge music and advocacy in favor of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It was conceived as a catalyst for dialogue in the Mediterranean in uniting all corners of the region to foster their participation in panel discussions and musical performances.

The panels covered themes central to the UN Goals such as Climate Action, Peace, and Justice.

In addition, the initiative featured a series of musical performances by regional artists: in addition to Eliyahu, Greek lyre virtuoso Sokratis Sinopoulos, Majnoon & Khaikhan from Turkey, and Spanish guitarist Pau Figueres performed.

“We are delighted that the talented Israeli artist Mark Eliyahu had the opportunity to perform in Athens, introducing the Greek audience to the rich and diverse music of Israel and the innovative ways it incorporates traditional elements,” said Deputy Ambassador of Israel in Greece Tsach Saar. “We take great pleasure in supporting cultural events that foster closer connections between our two peoples.”

Eliyahu is internationally renowned as a kemenche master. The kemenche, an Iranian bowed string instrument, allows him to blend Western and Eastern musical traditions in unique performances. The son of composer and musician Piris Eliyahu, Mark was raised in a household where music represented work, passion, learning, and joy, and conveys the same message in his own concerts.

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