ISRAEL: First statements from Eden Golan after Eurovision – A new campaign and the dreams for the future

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Malmö Eurovision is now a thing of the past. Undoubtedly, it was a Eurovision, highly political, with a lot of “darkness” and of course with the controversial participation of war-torn Israel, gathering the public’s interest.

The majority of the world may not have embraced the EBU’s decision to support Israel’s participation, but Eden Golan took her “Hurricane” and found herself in Sweden, where she managed to achieve fifth place overall in the ranking table and even winning the second place in the vote of the television audience.

HaKokhav Haba winner Eden Golan, who has now returned to her country and to the safety of her own people, spoke for the first time to the Jewish media about her Eurovision experience.

People might think that I have no feelings, from what they saw in Malmö, but that is not true. I was just imbued with a purpose. Everything I’ve experienced in my life has prepared me. I was in Sweden to represent my country and it looks like this won’t be over any time soon.

Eden Golan

Eden Golan admitted that she faced many difficulties, rejections, gestures, but also verbal attacks, but she tried to turn the negativity into a driving force.

I got off the stage and was shaking, I never imagined this would happen. I tried to turn the negative energy into love. I wasn’t afraid, I felt safe. Everyone did an amazing job in order for me to be able to focus and feel calm.

Eden Golan

A few days after her return from Malmö, Eden Golan was back in the spotlight as she appeared at a gathering of the families of Hamas hostages in Tel Aviv to re-perform “Hurricane” in its original version, “October Rain”.

As you first learned through the originally submitted “October Rain” was rejected by the EBU on the grounds that it contained political messages, as it related to the events of October 7th.

It’s the first time I sing after returning from Eurovision. I wanted to do it on this stage in this square. First of all we are waiting for all our abductees to come home, because there is no more time. I really wanted to sing October Rain as a prayer from me for the whole world.

Eden Golan

Eden Golan is now the central face of the new campaign of “Natural Formula” and is excited to see this new concept assigned to her.

@golaneden_music grwm hair routine💗 @NaturalFormulaIsrael ♬ Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter – Tortured Poets🤍📜🎧

It is very exciting to be the main face of this campaign and I feel great. We have a lot of work to do but I’m happy. It is in my immediate plans to release new music as well. I want to share more of my story, get people to connect. May we be beautiful and loving people as we are, despite all the bad things going on around us.

Eden Golan

[Source: Israel Hayom]

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