Indianapolis Pizza Place Going Greek

January 12, 2020

Whole wheat pita pizza. Photo: (by jeffreyw, via Wikimedia Commons)

INDIANAPOLIS – When people think Greek food, pizza isn’t the first offering that usually comes to mind – never mind that Greek-Americans offer up tasty versions – so Giorgio’s Pizza in downtown Indianapolis is going to get that twist too.

Restaurateurs George Stergiopoulos and Elif Ozdemir have purchased the restaurant and said they will keep the menu and he workers but will update the point-of-sale system, online presence, and make small cosmetic changes, said Inside Indiana Business.

The restaurant has 190 seats and the new owners said they were fans of Giorgo’s pizza, one of the reasons they decided to buy the place and just a slice, so to speak.

“I’ve been in the business a long, long time, with Greek Islands and Elif has been in the restaurant business now for a few years, working in the restaurant and owning a food truck for three years,” said Stergiopoulos. “Giorgio was ready to retire and we were interested…I’m a New York native and this is where you can get a New York slice of pizza.”

Ozdemir owns the Greek On The Go restaurant and Stergiopoulos owns and runs the Greek Islands restaurant.

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