Immortals Fenyx Rising injects a dose of creative challenge

Launching a new franchise on the market is definitely the biggest challenge today, especially in a saturated industry, full of options and recycled ideas. Immortals: Fenyx Rising was a successful attempt by Ubisoft in 2020, according to the company itself in chat with Voxel.

That, too, was exactly what I told in my analysis here on the site, in which the game received 80 out of 100. The secret to success was simplicity: instead of taking itself seriously, the title took on this conspiratorial guise so typical of Greek mythology and transformed it into a great comedy, presented to us in the form of a tale, in a story narrated through prose between Zeus and Prometheus.

The time has come to “expand the horizons”, in Ubi’s own words, with three expansions that will prolong the life of the adventure. With a schedule, organization and execution, the triad can give the game a long life – and, on the other hand, pave a more fertile ground for the future of the franchise.

Does Fenyx deserve a place on the throne of the gods?

Following current market practices, Ubisoft outlined a post-launch agenda to extend the life of Immortals with three additional content: the first one is called “A New God” and this is what I will talk about in this matter; the second, entitled “Myths of the Eastern Kingdom”, will bring a new controllable character, Ku, and will exchange figurines with Chinese mythology; finally, the third, dubbed “The Lost Gods”, will also offer different styles of gameplay.

SPOILERS, important: the events of One New God take place after the main journey of Immortals, therefore, the things described below consider the events of the end of the game and may represent spoilers for those who have not finished. The friendly warning remains.

Here, Fenyx craves a space within the Pantheon of the Olympian gods, that privileged place, at the top, only with the “super-gods” of Greek mythology, like Poseidon, Hermes, Athena, Zeus, Ares (the god of war) and others.

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