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Garifalia Kalifoni gave an interview, talked about her relationship with Christos Mastoras, and revealed how she is as a partner.

The model who rose to fame from participating in Greece’s Next Top Model spoke to ‘Yes I Do‘ magazine.

First, she was asked about the qualities she admires in Mastoras and those that bother her.

“I don’t focus at all on the negative aspects of his character, or to put it more correctly, I can’t think of any. I guess I’m very much in love. But his positives are so many… He’s the most special person I’ve ever met, incredibly giving, and has an endless sense of humour, which means he’s brilliant because, as you know very well, humour and intelligence go together,” she said.

He then mentioned whether he believes in love at first sight. “I never believed in love at first sight until I experienced it! I can say that I don’t fall in love often; that is, I’m not that girl who says ‘I’m in love’ all the time. The one I will fall in love with will be really special, as I confess, I am a very difficult person in this part. Now, falling in love with someone gradually, no, has not happened to me. Either love at first sight or not at all,” she said.

As for jealousy and how she feels about it, she said: “Jealousy, I feel, can destroy any relationship, whether friendly or romantic. It is toxic and acts like a poison. As is the lack of respect between the couple, which is equally destructive. I think I’m calm, or at least that’s what I think about myself. I should be given a reason to react in some way, so if that happens, I won’t make a scene of jealousy. The relationship will end automatically, without drama.”

Finally, regarding the possibility of becoming a mother, she said: “I am in a phase of my life where the thought of motherhood and family comes and goes all the time. Other times, I think that I’m a career woman and maybe it doesn’t suit me to have a family, and others that I would very much like to have children – maybe even three or four – because I love having life in the house, just like I grew up.”

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