Hydra and Aegina: the Greek islands drawing the arty crowd | Travel

Old-fashioned electricity meters are a fixture outside almost every Greek island home, their carapaces brightly painted, their counters quietly ticking beneath a shower of jasmine. These meters double as a handy place to hide house keys when the residents are away. At Dimitrios Antonitsis’s house on Hydra the meter is in a small wooden cupboard painted silver and etched with the word “Poems”. Every summer Antonitsis puts together a slim volume of verses that passers-by have left in this literary letterbox.

Antonitsis has a knack for bringing thought-provoking art to unexpected places. In 2000 he founded Hydra School Projects, a summer-long exhibition in the island’s dilapidated high school featuring artworks by a mix of Greek and international artists. Collectors, critics and curious tourists traipsed up

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