How to make Spanakopita Recipe | Greek Spinach and Cheese Pie | Filo / Phyllo Dough Recipe | Ep 71

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Learn step by step process for making Spanakopita.
Spanakopita is a Greek Spinach and Cheese pie.
Normally Feta cheese is used, but ricotta and cottage cheese works great as well.
This pie’s crust is made from Phyllo/ Filo Dough and it makes it very crispy and flaky.
The same filling can be used to make Spanakopita triangles by stuffing them into small triangles made from this dough or the store bought Filo Dough.
The recipe is inspired from Aki’s Kitchen.

For phyllo dough:
2 cups (250 gm) all purpose flour
¼ (50 ml) cup olive oil
1 Tbsp vinegar
1 tsp sugar
½ tsp salt
A little less than ½ cup water. (Around 100 ml)
⅓ cup cup olive oil for brushing

For filling:
Olive oil for cooking
½ cup chopped spring onions
250 gms spinach
A handful of mint
1 tbsp of dried oregano
1 tsp lemon juice (optional)
200 gm feta cheese
100 gm cream cheese
Salt to taste

For method:


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