Hear Greek Hard-Rock Revivalists BUS Channel Pink Floyd, Deep Purple on New Song

Hailing from Athens, Greece, BUS is pure rock & roll through and through, conjuring up influences that range from Judas Priest to Deep Purple to Sabbath to prog in a way that is decidedly old school and familiar, but never straight-up derivative. It’s a tough fence to walk, conjuring influence that has been aped countless times yet giving its own spin.

“Into the Night” is the latest single from this Riding Easy band – a track that builds based off of a chugga-chugga riff much like the trebly bassline in Pink Floyd’s Meddle classic “One of These Days” before veering off into its own territory. The whole thing feels like a journey: sort of like the slew of bands from the Seventies that took influence from the Nazgûls in Lord of the Rings, yet in this case actually accomplishing the drama, darkness and power behind it all. Head onward into Mordor and check it out for the first time below. Order your copy of Never Decide via Riding Easy ahead of it’s March 1st release.

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