Hagia Sophia to impose entry fees for visitors from 2024

In a controversial move, new regulations have been enforced that will see visitors to Hagia Sophia paying an entrance fee to access the historic site.

The measure, introduced by Turkish President Erdogan, mandates that Turkish citizens will enjoy free admission, but all other guests will be required to purchase a ticket before entry.

This decision has been made as part of a comprehensive visitor management strategy aimed at enhancing the quality and safety of the site and its visitors.

Inside Hagia Sophia. Photo: Matador Network.

According to Turkeys Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the aim of this change is to improve visitor quality and safety, because the site holds a significant position as one of the most culturally important tourist destinations in the world.

In addition to entry fees, changes will also be made to the entrances on the site, with foreign visitors using the upper gates to ensure easy entry and exit. This will help to alleviate crowding and conflicts between Turkish citizens.

At present, ticket pricing details have yet to be finalised.

Source: Hellenic News of America

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