Greek Entertainment for an American Holiday

Entertaining with Greek influence on Thanksgiving can make your gathering even more memorable and unique. Below find some ideas to infuse Mediterranean charm into your Thanksgiving celebration:

Greek Music and Dance:

Set the ambiance with traditional Greek music, which includes lively bouzouki tunes and even some Greek folk dances like the Sirtaki. Encourage your guests to join in and teach/learn a few simple dance steps. It’s a fun way to bring the spirit of Greece to your Thanksgiving celebration.

Greek Wine and Ouzo Tasting:

Introduce your guests to Greek wines and the anise-flavored liqueur ouzo. You can arrange a wine and ouzo tasting station with a selection of Greek wines such as Assyrtiko, Xinomavro, and Retsina. Pair them with Greek meze (appetizers) like olives, feta cheese, and spanakopita.

Greek-Inspired Grilled Meats:

Incorporate Greek flavors into your Thanksgiving menu by grilling meats like souvlaki (marinated skewers of meat) or keftedes (Greek meatballs). Season them with oregano, garlic, and lemon juice for an authentic taste of Greece. Serve them with pita bread and a variety of Greek sauces.

Greek Coffee and Desserts:

End the meal with traditional Greek coffee, strong and unfiltered, served with a side of baklava or other Greek pastries like kataifi (shredded phyllo pastry with nuts and honey) and loukoumades (Greek honey donuts). These sweet treats are sure to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.

Greek Thanksgiving Blessing:

Incorporate a Greek-inspired Thanksgiving blessing or grace into your meal. You can find traditional blessings that express thankfulness and good wishes for all in attendance.

Greek Board Games and Entertainment:

After the meal, consider offering traditional Greek board games like backgammon, or encourage friendly competition with a game of tavli (Greek version of backgammon). You can also show Greek-themed movies or documentaries about Greece for a relaxing post-dinner activity.

By infusing these Greek-inspired ideas into your Thanksgiving celebration, you can create a unique and enjoyable experience for your guests. Thanksgiving with a touch of Greek influence is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the rich culture and traditions of Greece while giving thanks with your loved ones.


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